WhereMalta Magazine – Issue June / July 2003

Local Artist Profile:

Preserving Our Heritage

Interviewing local artist…Cedric Galea Pirotta



Elegance, delicacy and unique taste distinguish Cedric Galea Pirotta from other uprising local artists. His work emanates a hushed silence, producing a soothing yet sharp effect, exuding sensations and effects that are thrilling to the eye and heart.


Victoria GateBorn in Naxxar on January 11th, 1971, Cedric Galea Pirotta is the third son of four children. He has recently married Denise and career wise, has established himself in the IT field as a Network Administrator. He has exhibited work at various shows and exhibitions across the island, and is currently working on putting together his first solo exhibition.


Pieces of his work can often be viewed at the art gallery Last Touch, Naxxar Road, San Gwann.


His lifelong passion has always been the sea. His language is the communication with nature’s idyll and his identification with its mystery and magic. This also reflects on his hobbies, being an avid free diver, one of the purest forms of diving, allowing him to be one thing with the sea.


To paint, Cedric uses various media, mainly oils, watercolour and acrylic washes, however he is currently exploring with pen and ink, this having become his favourite medium. He is a self-taught artist, his style having evolved gradually over time.


His maternal grandfather, Giuseppi Pirotta, was a prominent silversmith and has always been connected with art, although through other means and forms. Giuseppi Pirotta has executed various objects of sacred art, that are to date hosted at St John’s co-Cathedral and other churches, and also crafted gifts presented to HM Queen Elizabeth II and the US President by the Government of Malta.


Cedric is often inspired by Salvador Dali. He loves his style, and the eye for detail that Dali depicts through his works of art. It is common for Galea Pirotta to focus around themes relating to the local heritage and history:-


“…Currently I am more focused on our heritage and history. I take countless pictures of details of our landscape and architecture. Everything is changing so fast around us, and even before we start to appreciate what we have – it is gone. Walls and coats of arms eroded by weathering cannot last much longer. Historical buildings are slowly giving way to modern glass and concrete structures.”



Featured Paintings :

St Angelo - Senglea View

Victoria Gate (full page)

Angel Detail - Jesuit Church, Valletta