SNAPSHOTS from our Island



Cedric Galea Pirotta on his art and his latest solo exhibition at THE GALLERY, Corinthia Palace Hotel


 "It is a serene late summer’s day. The air is hot and still. I am sitting down once again on the warm pavement, with camera in hand, opposite a balcony on the Bugibba front - waiting. Waiting for the sun to come down further over Selmun so that the shadows cast on the wall by the rusty and corroded iron balcony would be as long and as horizontal as possible. The eroded soft limestone of the façade gives more character to the shot, as do the haphazardly clipped wires that dangle below the balcony. The light reflected off the façade is almost orange in colour with purplish shadows cast. I am engulfed - the moment is perfect. A series of pictures are taken. Perfect! This will by a good one to draw. While packing my equipment, I cannot help to notice that scores of people are going by for their evening stroll, cars are roaring by – unaware of this beautiful scenario. I join the flow of the crowd to head back home.

Each picture I draw or paint has a magical moment to me. It is much more than taking a photo so that I use it for a drawing later on. 

I was born in January 1971. Ever-since I can remember, I loved to sketch and draw on “empty spaces” that came in my way – be it copybooks, books or the school bench. When I was little, I loved to sit by my father and watch him paint some luzzu on some scrap piece of cardboard or else skip my homework and go to my grandfather’s corner shop and watch the master silversmith meticulously create silver artifacts – sacred and profane. 

Time flies by. Both my father and grandfather have long left this world – however I still feel their presence when I am drawing – I would be tempted to say that drawing for me is almost spiritual. 

Self taught, I have used different media – however I find myself most comfortable using pen together with washes. Having a technical background in Engineering Drawing and Graphic Design, the use of such a medium was obvious. I learnt line drawing as a necessity years ago. Clipart was not available as easily as today, so many-a-time I had to make my own. Rudimentary line drawings evolved into something much more complicated. Lately, airbrush was also introduced to enhance the effects I want. I feel that my expressions on paper are evolving as time goes by.

Kwadretti minn Gziritna” (Snapshots from Our Islet) which is being held at The Gallery, Corinthia Palace Hotel, Attard, is my second solo exhibition, following last years’ “Stoneworks”. The nineteen pieces depict snapshots of various places or details of our surroundings at a particular instance in time – be it the skyline of villages and cities, majestic landmarks such as Fort St Angelo or Ricasoli Gate, or details of less obvious views such as a rusty iron lock, or an old farm shed with a barrel outside the door step. In my works I always try to find a particular unconventional angle that would strike the attention of the viewer. 

Once a man said to me: “You have been given a talent my son – do not waste it. Use it, and share it with others.”

I thank all those who helped me in my passage through life. By their deeds and attitudes, be it positive or negative, they all forged what I am today.

Today, when I am at my drawing board, my one and a half year old son Matthew sits by and scribbles on off-cuts. I hope to be able to pass to him what was taught to me indirectly by the ones who loved and cared for me."

Cedric Galea Pirotta's exhibition “Kwadretti minn Gziritna” will be open from 5th March till 30th March 2006. It will be open everyday between 18:00 and 20:00, and during the weekends, between 10:00 and 12:00 and 18:00 and 20:00.

More info can be obtained from the site or email 




Featured Painting :

Il-Girna (Pen and Ink)

Gnien Guzeppi (Pen Ink and Wash)

Cargo House - Pinto Wharf (Pen and Ink)

Grand Harbour (Pen Ink and Airbrush)

Fort St Angelo (Pen Ink and Airbrush)