Taking Care of your pieces of art

*    Avoid direct sunlight / bright daylight on your piece. Sun’s rays harm any medium used.

*    Wiping frames and protective glass with a damp cloth is enough. Sprays and other cleaning aerosols might seep between the glass and the frame,  damaging your art piece.

*    If you are installing your piece against a damp wall, take extra precaution – eg Have a special board (foam board) installed a the back of the frame when choosing your frame. One can also apply spacers (eg sliced cork tops fixed to the four corners of the frame) to increase the distance between the wall and artwork.

*    It is a good idea that from time to time, you inspect the back part of your art piece – and look for any signs of mould etc. If this is performed on a regular basis, any problems that might arise, can be dealt with immediately. Usually, all one needs to do is just wipe the back of the painting with a dry cloth.

*    If one notices any signs of woodworm, take the piece to a good frame-maker to have it inspected in order to prevent further damage. Usually, these worms attack soft material first for example the paper tape that seals the back of your painting.